CIRCUS NOËL – Feel the Magic

Feature film (2019), family/adventure, NL, 90', colour, Dutch spoken

  • Screenplay: Karen van Holst Pellekaan, Anjali Taneja
  • Director: Dennis Bots
  • Producer: Phanta Basta!
  • Co-producer: Incredible Film
  • Sales Agent: Incredible Film
  • Cast: Tygo Gernandt, Luna Wijnands, Tommy van Lent, Samuel Reurekas, Rein Hofman

Karo runs away from home because of her bickering parents’ imminent divorce. She travels along with her circus friends Victor and Tonie of Circus Noël, that got selected for a prestigious circus competition. But, while on the road to the competition, mysterious attempts at sabotage put the circus’s participation at risk and Karo in danger of losing her newly-acquired family. As Karo, Victor and Tonie do everything they can to save the circus, their tight bond is put under immense pressure. Will they be able to save the circus and their friendship?