Feature film (2025), family/adventure, NL, 90', colour, Dutch spoken

  • Based on: The Gruesome General by Jozua Douglas
  • Screenplay: Michel Bonset
  • Producer: Phanta Basta!

A thrilling story about:

  1. The crazy president of Costa Banana.
  2. A general with a gruesome plan.
  3. Some very suspicious blowflies.
  4. Two children who have to save the world.

Rosa and Fico are no ordinary children. They are the children of President Fernando. The president is crazy about his son Fico, who will later succeed him. Fico can now come up with laws and gets all the attention. The president has no eyes for his daughter Rosa. When Rosa one day discovers that General Shaslik wants to seize power and start a war, no one believes her. Fortunately, she manages to convince her brother Fico. Together they spring into action, but can they still stop the gruesome general?

The film is based on the first part of the popular book series Costa Banana by Jozua Douglas: The Gruesome General