Television Movie (2022), youth/judo, NL, 85', colour, Dutch spoken

  • Idea and contributions by: Joost Schrickx
  • Story by: Marielot van der Slikke, Ashar Medina, Evianne Lamme
  • Screenplay: Ashar Medina, Evianne Lamme
  • Director: Boris Paval Conen
  • Regie: Boris Paval Conen
  • Producent: Phanta Basta!

Brandon is doing more and more odd jobs for Billy, the leader of a local youth gang. When Brandon and his best friend Stefano break into a judo school, Brandon is caught by Kai, the judo teacher. Brandon gets a chance to get out of the gang and train for an important judo match. But Brandon doesn’t want to lose Stefano, who has also joined the gang, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to make the right choices…


DOJO can be seen on Sunday, the 18th of December 2022 at 10 a.m.