Feature film (2022), Romantic Comedy, NL, colour, 89 min, Dutch spoken

  • Screenplay: Floor van Lissa
  • Director: Mannin de Wildt
  • Script contribution: Jeroen Margry, Richard Kemper, Edwin Goldman
  • Cast: Sanne Vogel, Sinan Eroglu, Holly Mae Brood, Sanne Langelaar, Roue Verveer, Ilse Warringa, e.a.
  • Producenten: Goldman Film & Phanta Film
  • Distributeur: WW Entertainment
  • Sales Agent: Incredible Film

Sam (Samantha) is a popular food blogger who, unknowingly, writes a negative review about the restaurant of the chef with whom she has just fallen in love. Will she be able to sustain her credibility as an influencer and win his love as well, before the restaurant will be forced to close its doors?