&ME is a feature film set in Brussels, Berlin, Amsterdam and Sitges, starring an
international promising cast with Mark Waschke, Teun Luijkx and Veronica Echegui. The
unconventional story of &ME is based on the novel Fremdkörper by Oscar van den
Boogaard and was written and directed by Norbert ter Hall, the director of A’DAM-E.V.A..

&ME tells the story of Eduard, a gay and disillusioned bureaucrat, who leaves Berlin for
Brussels to take up a post within the European Parliament. There he meets the beautiful
and idealistic young lawyer Edurne, from Spain, who has finally escaped the clutches of
her over-protective mother. Edurne falls madly for Eduard, a handsome, sophisticated
man that she can show off to the world. And Eduard is happy to go along with the
situation, surprised at the level of affection he feels for this young woman. He might even
call it love, because love – c’est bizarre.