Movie about most famous Dutch tomcat, Tummy Tom

Last week, the Netherlands Film Fund selected the animation film TUMMY TOM AND THE LOST TEDDY BEAR for realization support. The long-cherished wish of Netherlands’ most famous tomcat, Tummy Tom, is thus fulfilled: to play his very first leading role in a film. Several generations of Dutch people grew up with the iconic red tomcat Tummy Tom from the picture books of Jet Boeke, who will celebrate the 45th anniversary of her creation in 2023 together with Uitgeverij Gottmer.

The screenplay was written by Burny Bos, who, as a producer and scriptwriter, has managed to put the Dutch children’s film and series (MINOES, HUGGLEBOO, WINKY’s HORSE, MR. FROG) on the map in Europe. Joost van den Bosch & Erik Verkerk of animation studio Ka-Ching Cartoons (GEORGE & PAUL) will direct the animation film.

film TUMMY TOM AND THE LOST TEDDY BEAR will be an active do-and-sing-along film for the youngest target group and their (grand)parents, where the audience does not have to sit still, but Dikkie Dik can help with the search for his dearest Hug. The songs are composed by Mike Boddé and Johan Hoogeboom. The film is expected to be shown in Dutch cinemas in mid-2024.

Tummy Tom discovers to his dismay that his dearest cuddly toy Bear has disappeared. He searches for Bear everywhere, but to his sorrow Bear cannot be found. When his girlfriend Cat Mouse comes to help him, the search becomes fun. Together they embark on a quest that takes them further and further away from home, as far as the farm, the forest and the beach where they meet all kinds of animals. It will be a journey of discovery with a happy ending and many new friends.