PHANTA VISION, established in 1990 by film producer Petra Goedings and film editor JP Luijsterberg, is an inspiring partner in audio-visual projects in cultural, educational, and business-related spheres.

PHANTA VISUAL is a developer of audio-visual installations for museums, congresses, theatres, stock exchanges, and business presentations. We are also a lead production in the sale and rental of audio-visual equipment. RIJKSMUSEUM, ARTIS, AMSTERDAM UNIVERSITY OF APPLIED SCIENCES, BOOKING, PALEIS HET LOO, CAMPINA, TRUE and AMSTERDAM OLYMPIC STADIUM are among our diverse clientele.

PHANTA EDIT edits feature films, documentaries, and (drama) series such as the feature films PIECE OF MY HEART (Dutch release Dec 2022), the drama serie DIRTY LINES, HOLLANDS HOPE and FLOODLANDERS, and the documentary series IN EUROPE. Editor JP Luijsterberg has been awarded the GOLDEN CALF award for Best Editor for THE DE HEINEKEN KIDNAPPING.

PHANTA FILM produces feature films, documentaries, (drama) series and shorts, such as the feature film MI VIDA (2019). This autumn the production of the feature film ROCCO & JULES will start.

PHANTA BASTA! (2015) has a great passion for creating both mainstream and cutting-edge content for (film) theater, VOD, TV, internet and events for youth and family. This year Phanta Basta! produces two youth TV movies, HONESTLY STOLEN and DOJO, which can be seen on Dutch television during the Christmas holidays. The production for the youth series SAÏD & ANNA is planned in 2023.

PHANTA ANIMATION (since 2019) focuses on both animated films and series. At the end of 2022, the two full-length animated films MISS MOXY and TUMMY TOM AND THE LOST TEDDY BEAR will go into production.In 2021, the animated series PIM & POM AT THE MUSEUM, in co-production with Fiep Amsterdam (with support from the NPO and AVROTROS) was released on television. The series was nominated for two Prix Jeunesse Awards.

The PHANTA GROUP forms the umbrella for a specialized collective of seven, highly skilled and innovative producers. Besides PHANTA FILM, PHANTA BASTA! and PHANTA ANIMATION, the group also includes production company GOLDMAN FILM (films with a strong concept for broad and niche audiences). As of January 2019 the renowned production company BOSBROS has joined the group, creating Dutch leadership in the children’s & family market segment. PHANTA FILM provides the creative, legal and financial basis for the collective.

PHANTA VISION is situated in Amsterdam in a former school on the Gijsbrecht van Aemstelstraat. Experienced and budding talent alike work together on a variety of productions with care and curiosity for our craft. Phanta Vision is there to support you. For more information and advice feel free to contact us any time.