Creative Europe MEDIA Slate funding

In December 2022, 4 projects of the Phanta Film group received slate funding from Creative Europe Media:

  • PRINCESS ARABELLA, an animated series by Maureen Versprille and Esther Duysker (screenplay) and Patrick Chin (director) based on the picture book stories by Mylo Freeman.
  • STAIRWAY TO EARTH, a feature film by writer/director Finn Szumlas
  • EVERYTHING’S BEAUTIFUL RIGHT, a miniseries by Tamara Bos (screenplay) and Anna van der Heide (director)
  • DE INDIE CHRONICLES, a drama series by Franky Ribbens and Tamara Bos (screenplay), direction to be determined

In 2023, the filmmakers will work on the further development of these four projects, in which several other parties are already on board in the development phase, such as the Netherlands Film Fund, AVROTROS and NPO.