Feature film (2019), NL, thriller, colour, 97 min, Dutch spoken, English subs

  • Screenplay: Alexandra Penrhyn Lowe
  • Adaptation of the novel by: Mell Wallis de Vries
  • Producers: Goldman Film & Phanta Film
  • Coproducer: KRO-NCRV
  • Cast: Romy Gevers, Abbey Hoes, Olivia Lonsdale, Holly Mae Brood, Gijs Blom, Thijs Boermans, Niek Roozen, Shahine El-Hamus
  • Distributeur (BENELUX): Dutch FilmWorks

A girls weekend in a remote cottage in the Ardennes. Relationships are put into focus – do the four girls know everything about each other? The filming of the ‘best youth book’ of 2012 written by Mel Wallis de Vries.