Release Trailer Zeppos: The Mercator Trail

After the successful family and adventure film ‘Labyrinthus’, director Douglas Boswell has made a new film in Belgium. Our co-production The Mercator Trail by Eyeworks Film & TV Drama, based on a screenplay by Wouter Van Haver, with Carry Goossens, Nathan Naenen, Britt Scholte, Koen De Bouw, Nora Gharib, Carlos Schram and many others, will be available from February 23, 2022 in Belgium cinemas where the film is released by Kinepolis Film Distribution. In the Netherlands, the release will probably take place in the spring of 2022.

When the digital mad Benjamin turns 18, he inherits a box of ancient artefacts from his missing father. He gives an antique book to Slien, the girl he has his eye on, and unintentionally sets a chain reaction in motion. An old man called Zeppos is also very interested in the book which once belonged to the cartographer Mercator. Using the secret messages in Mercator’s book, the trio uncovers the mystery while having to stay one step ahead of a mysterious rival.

Watch the trailer here